About Us

Meet Stacey, a Brisbane based surface designer with a passion for all things, tropical, boho, vibrant and a little pink.

Through Stashn Co, Stacey brings you a mix of lifestyle and eclectic decor pieces, from incredible fellow Australian businesses, all designed right here in Australia. 


Stacey also creates repeat patterns and textile designs at @kalaii_creations for swim wear, active wear, and baby apparel businesses and helps others with surface design needs, for stationary, weddings, business collateral etc.

Stacey’s work has been purchased locally and globally, (New Zealand, Europe and the Americas) and was recently published in Pattern Pulse, a publication featuring 100 of the best Australian surface designers. 


Stacey Bigg - Owner of Stashn Co and Kalaii Creations - Artist Brisbane




We love love love our Tropical Banana Leaf Print Throw/picnic rug.

Perfect for inside or outside use and available in 2 sizes.

Comfy and Practical not to mention beautifully illustrated 


Tropical Picnic Rug


Image Credits: Karla Corporate Image by Design