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Fan Palm Wallpaper in shades of pink will give your interior a calm tropical feel. Pair beautifully in modern interiors.

Images are a representation only and not to scale.

$79 per square Meter.
A4 samples $20
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Printed locally in Australia by our supplier Luxe Walls


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Important:  Please use the calculation guide to determine how much wallpaper you need to order. Then use the payment icons at the bottom of the listing to Checkout.

Enter length (height) of wall x width of wall and the calculator will determine the total cost per square metres. Please include an extra 6cm on both Length (height) and Width to allow a buffer for uneven walls.

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Material Type:

Luxe Canvas is a self-adhesive, removable, reusable and repositionable polyester fabric wallpaper, that will not rip or wrinkle and has a canvas like texture. It is the ideal Luxe product for renters and those who are into refreshing their rooms by changing wallpapers and wall murals to keep up with the ebbs and flows of trend in interior design.

Enter length (height) of wall x width of wall and the calculator will determine the total cost per square metres. Please include an extra 6cm on both Length (height) and Width to allow a buffer for uneven walls.


Our wallpapers are designed to be DIY. Unlike traditional wallpaper, there is no need for messy glue, costly wallpaper installers or the need to steam for removal. The self-adhesive backing on all of our wallpaper allows for easy installation, with the ability to reposition your wallpaper to halt that horrible feeling when you aren’t happy with the wallpaper has been installed.

Before installing your wallpaper:

  • Your wall should be smooth, properly primed, painted and cured wallboard/gyprock that has little or not surface variation.
  • Check your wall for cracks, holes and peeling paint. Not repairing damage can lead to poor wallpaper adhesion and possible damage when removing your wallpaper.
  • Remember to remove any picture hooks - these can be returned after the wallpaper is hung.
  • Ensure your wall is clean of lint, dust and dirt.

Installing your wallpaper

  1. When installing your wallpaper, always start on the left-hand side of your wall with panel number 1. Line your wallpaper up with the edge of the wall and the ceiling, making sure the wallpaper is level along the top. Please note, walls and doorways are not always perfectly square. If you need to overhang your first panel, don’t worry you can always trim the excess later. It is really important to get the position of the first panel correct as it will form the base of your wallpaper.
  2. Peel 10cm of the backing paper from the back of your wallpaper, and stick it to the top of the wall. Once you are happy with the position, using your hand, gently smooth the wallpaper out with your hands. Smooth all bubbles and wrinkles out as you go. If the bubbles are too big, gently lift off your wallpaper and re-apply. Complete this process until you reach the bottom of your wall. Don’t worry about the excess - once your wall is completed you can cut this off using a sharp knife.
  3.  Line Panel 2 up next to panel 1,again ensuring it is level at the top and that the images on adjoining panels line up. Follow the same simple adhesion process used with the first panel. Complete these processes until all panels have been hung. TIP: Ensure the panels line up at your line of site. People will look at the middle of your wall, not towards the ceiling or the skirting board.
  4. Once your wallpaper is hung, trim the excess wallpaper from the bottom and the right hand side of your wall (depending on the squareness of your walls there may or may not be excess here).

For further information, please visit our INSTALLATION GUIDE and view our INSTALLATION VIDEOS.


Your chosen wall paper is custom printed once you have placed your order. Yours goods are dispatched in a cardboard mail tube to keep your customised wallpaper protected. The estimated delivery time is between 7-10 working days. We send all goods via Courier, and will send you your tracking number as soon as your wallpaper has left our facilities.

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